Targeting Resistance Pathways in Cancer

What We Do

MET inhibitors have recently been approved, yet they all suffer from the same issue: resistance is quick to arise.

The RAS pathway is located downstream of MET, RAS pathway inhibitors represent a promising new target for overcoming or delaying these resistance issues.

DeuterOncology’s lead compound DO-2 is a dual MET and RAS pathway inhibitor under pre-clinical investigation as a targeted therapy for lung cancer, as well as potential broader oncology applications when used in combination with other SOC and targeted agents.

DeuterOncology has also licensed DO-1, a clinical stage highly selective MET kinase inhibitor that has a recommended Phase 2 dose identified.

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About DeuterOncology

DeuterOncology NV was founded in September 2020 by Dr Timothy Perera in Flanders, Belgium. The company is focused on the pre-clinical validation and development of DO-2

DeuterOncology’s portfolio contains a sublicense to the all OCTIMET compounds, includes a clinical-stage MET kinase inhibitor that has been evaluated in both a monotherapy and combination therapy setting in cancer patients in Europe. DeuterOncology works together with a broad established network of collaborators across the world to try to bring new solutions to cancer patients.


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