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About DeuterOncology

DeuterOncology NV was founded in September 2020 by  Dr Timothy Perera and is based in Liege in Belgium.


The company generated pre-clinical validation of DO-2, a novel, highly selective, brain penetrant deuterated MET kinase and RAS pathway inhibitor.  Timothy Perera was the originator of the initial idea for the use of deuteration as a means to modulate metabolic properties of the parent drug and remains a strong champion of this exciting new molecule.

The molecule was in-licensed (worldwide rights outside of greater China) from OCTIMET Oncology NV and originally licensed from Janssen Pharmaceutica in 2017.  


DeuterOncology has initiated a phase 1 clinical study to validate DO-2 as a ‘Best in Class’ MET kinase inhibitor as suggested by the strong preclinical data package.  DeuterOncology works together with a broad established network of collaborators across the world to achieve its mission to bring new solutions to cancer patients. 

Who We Are
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