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Lung Cancer

Chest scan image.jpg
Lung cancer is the most common form of cancer in the world (12.3% of all cancers), with an estimated 2.2 million individuals diagnosed worldwide with lung cancer in 2020. There are clearly unmet medical needs in this area and specifically, in new therapeutic strategies allowing the improvement of the survival rate of NSCLC patients.
The MET kinase exon 14 mutation has been identified in ~3% of NSCLC patients whilst  patients with MET amplification also represents around 2% of NSCLC. 
Regulatory authorities have already approved MET kinase inhibitors as therapies against NSCLC carrying the MET kinase exon 14 mutation.  Despite these recent advances, the efficacy rates observed with current therapeutic agents are of the order of 50% even in these biomarker selected patients.
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